Free, Fast and Easy method to manage your meetings!!!

We are pleased to Introduce the and Sholop Mobile applications to the public. and sholop mobile applications are free and easy administration tool.

Just log in to the, complete the registration, and download the mobile apps.


Whats are the sholop services?

Sholop service are free administration services, SHOLOP comprised of both mobile applications and could based tool.These service are developed to address the requirements of administration and it is cross functional.By using the sholop services you will be able  to

You can invite as many people as you want to your meetings and you can also share all the necessary information with them.

You can arrange your meetings and track you meeting wherever you are by using our mobile applications or website.

You can print a photo ID card for your visitors through our free mobile application.

We will let you know that when your guests are arrived.

You can include your logo to meeting invitation or visitor ID cards

 Sholop services are absolutely free !!!!